Thursday, July 3, 2014

::29:: Happy Birthday America: Freedom and Freebies!!!! Fuck Yeah!

On Lovenica:

SWIMSUIT -  Mmm...Kay! - 4th of July USA Flag Swimsuit~ Only $99L


HAIR - Magika - [01] Nine

On Travois:


HAIR - ::Exile:: -  Dustin: Dark Browns

This post features lots of freebies!  The Faboo wedges come with two versions.  Stop by the shop and click the Subscriber Board, then click the white board underneath to pick up the old gifties.  

The swim trunks and towel that Travois is wearing is another Subscriber Gift being offered from FATEwear.  They also come in two versions: the USA set featured in this post and a Canadian set.  

This post brought to you in honor of America's Independence Day and the following:

Monday, June 30, 2014

:: 28 :: MERMAIDS HAVE MORE FUN: Need I Remind You That There Are GAZILLIONS of Fish in the Sea?

On Lovenica:

SWEATSHIRT:  .:villena:. - crop sweatshirt mermaid

JEANS:  Ricielli -Mesh-  Highwaisted Jeans //pinkgradient - CHARMING hunt item#7

HAIR: /Wasabi Pills/  /Wasabi Pills/ Sadie Mesh Hair - Blacks Pack 

(^That snap is not phallic in the least...Noooooo!)

EARRINGS:  EarthStones - Shells & Pearls Earrings - Iridescent 

FISH PURSE:  ::LP:: - Goldfish_Messenger Bag - Albino


 On Daisy

HAIR:  Magika - [01] Curious

TANK TOP:  .Identity. Co  - Long Shirt [Shade]

SHORTS: Ducknipple - Retro sport shorts :: 12 colours

PURSE: GizzA - Sumer Basket [Aquarium] (From past Arcade )

BRACELET: +Half Deer+ - Painted Rustic Bangles [Fatpack] (Goldfish)


              First of all, this post is long overdue. Real life has been pulling me into a ton of different directions so far this year, but it's all good. I just want to say a special thanks to all my SL homies, above all, myreaders and sponsors.  All the love and support during all the "shit just got real" stuff going on with me meant the world to me.

               Truth be told though, it's been nice kind of easing back into life in the good old SL of A.  The thing I missed most these last several months was spending time with my friends, especially my bestie, Daisy Chainsaw.
                 Speaking of whom, Daisy is not only my bff in Second Life, but one of my greatest friends in real life as well. She joined SL just a few weeks after I discovered it, thanks to my prodding, and we've basically been inseparable ever since.  We've evolved together, maturing from total and complete noobs who shopped at the free mall, to the mesh-to-the-max avis we are today. She is my quintessential retail therapy companion and constant muse. She's modeled and shopped and Photoshopped right along side me since I created this blog.  She's been a guest photographer on a great many of the posts, including this one even!  That being said, it is with great pleasure that I announce that Daisy is an official blogger for My So Called Second Life.  YAY!

This post was made under the influence of an insatiable craving for conch salad from the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, a countdown until it finally gets hot enough here for some real pool days, and the following songs because I really am a fucking mermaid you know:

Friday, January 17, 2014

:: 27:: ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR: But My Heart is a Pacifist

UNIFORM: GizzA ~ Cadet Couture [Red]

SHORTS:  ::Sn@tch:: ~ Cody Sequin Shorts (Holiday):::

FISHNETS:  erratic ~ / fishnet thin / red

KICKS: Schadenfreude ~ Basics Carnaby Boots Pack- Fat Pack 

RING:  MONTONY ~ Ring of Red Passion @ Red Passion Sale Event

MAKEUP:  *BOOM* ~ Lip Jelly - Reds 

HAIR:  RAW :: HOUSE  ~  Lauren [Blacks]

This post was composed under the influence of the following jams:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

:: 26 :: SNOW QUEEN: Love From First Frostbite

HAIR:  TRUTH ~ Adeline -  fades- seasand
ANTLERS:  GizzA  - XMAS Horns [J&A EXPO GIFT] - (No Longer Available)
EYES: [Dead Apples] ~ Sorrow Eyes - FREE Group Gift! 4 Colors!

VEST:  (Milk Motion) ~ faux fur vest - white fox @ Collabor88
SKIRT: :FANATIK: ~ Mini skirt leather white

STOCKINGS: erratic ~ / ripped stockings- full/ white

KICKS:  Ten"10 ~ Megas boots  white

This post was made under the influence of mad amounts of cold and sinus meds, mountains of used tissues, hot cocoa, the Twilight Saga (which I always watch, shamelessly, whenever I am under the weather) and the following:

Sunday, December 29, 2013

:: 25 :: CUTE UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS: Part Two~ Holiday Penny Pinching

On Lovenica:

SWEATER: [Phunk] ~ Mesh Women's Ugly Christmas Sweater (8 Designs) Special low price at the inworld store!
SHORTS: ...Mutresse... ~ Lana Shorts - Mesh - Color Change Hud
HAIR:  ALICE PROJECT ~ Alice Project VIP Gift - Holiday Persephone
 Advent Calendar Gift -  [11 Dec]- 2012 Advent Gift (Still Available)
TIGHTS: {Frick} ~ Winter Tights in Ruby 

ANTLERS: :.Envious.:  ~ Holiday Antlers- Color Change Hud
NAILS: ~Blacklace Beatuy~  ~ Christmas Nails HUD for SLINK HANDS- FREE!
TIGHTS: {Frick} ~Winter Tights in Ruby
MAKEUP:  +>A&A<+ ~ VIP Christmas Makeup- Free!
KICKS:  ~Pepper~ :  Moccasins - Black (No longer Available)

On Orion:

SWEATER: [Phunk] ~ Mesh Men's Christmas Monster Sweater (3 Designs)
HAIR: Action Hair -Darmody 
JEANS:  L&B - Mesh Jeans - Mens - Flats (XXS)  - Brushed Blue BootCut

     Every year it never fails, that for a week or two after Christmas, my budget is always really strapped.  Let's face it though, Christmas really is a pretty consumer driven holiday at this point. This time of year everything just tends to get so overly commercial here in the land of Capitalismville.  It seems like after Black Friday, everyone is constantly being assailed by advertisements for big sales events; and even Second Life is no exception.  In the spirit of being broke, this post highlights some really rad Christmas items that offer a great value.  Many of the featured items come with value adding, color changing HUDS, which will allow the wearer to be able to change the outfits up.  Who doesn't want to get more use out of the pieces we buy?  Some of the items showcased in this update are totally free!  This posting is all about finding little treasures to treat ourselves as we detox from the mania of the holidays.  

The ALICE PROJECT  hair worn in this post I made by combining parts from two different styles. I wore the primary hair from one style and added the bangs from a totally different style, making a totally new do.  I blogged the details of the Alice Project Advent Calendar gifts in CUTE UGLY SWEATERS: Part One.  For Part 2, I wanted to show that these hairs are even more versatile when you experiment by combining different bangs and hairbases.  This is a great way to get more bang for your buck (pun totally intended!).

The Something New ~ Frostie's my Bestie pose we used for this post is super sweet and is available at the Baby it's Cold Outside: Winter Time Cart Sale for only $10 L!  Four adorable couples poses for such a bargain, it's almost like a badass stocking stuffer.  The Something New mainstore has a ton of great Christmas poses, a couple of Christmas hunts going on, a phenomenal Christmas couples group gift, as well as luckies and midnight mania boards.  

Lastly, as cynical as I probably sound about Christmas, I still do ultimately believe in the spirit of togetherness and giving that makes the season so magical too.  So when I discovered the elegant Elephant Topiary featured in the post that was designed by the talented, Eliza Wierwright, I knew I had to blog about this.  The stunning topiary may be purchased for $499 L, the proceeds from which go to the Save Elephant Foundation.   The money being raised will help provide for the care of a captive elephant in Thailand. I thought it was a very charitable gesture from second life to real life and I wanted to share it with all my readers. 

This post was made under the influence of clipping coupons, pumpkin pancakes, eggnog, a scary Santa movie marathon and the following, which is merely part of capitalism's constant dull hum of Christmas music constantly playing in the background since October:

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

:: 24 :: CUTE UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS: Just a Couple of Misfits

On Lovenica:

SWEATER: [Phunk] ~ Mesh Women's Ugly Christmas Sweater (8 Designs)

SHORTS: ...Mutresse... ~ Lana Shorts - Mesh Color Change Hud

HAIR:  ALICE PROJECT ~ Mint Tulip Advent Calendar Gift - [25 Dec]

ANTLERS: :.Envious.:  ~ Holiday Antlers


TIGHTS:  erratic ~ / fishnet thin / red
KICKS:  Alyce ~ Ugg Boots

On Daisy:

SWEATER: [Phunk] ~ Mesh Women's Ugly Christmas Sweater (8 Designs) Special low price at the inworld store!

PANTS: .:L&B:. ~ S'Wear Jeans "Candy" Womens - FatPack with HUD

HAIR: Magika ~ [01] Rhyme - color changing hud   

ANTLERS: TBF ~ Antlers - (Christmas Snow) 

EARRINGS: EarthStones ~ Diamond Blizzard Jewelry Set 

MAKEUP:  .Pekka.. ~ KITTY EYES - Eyeliner w/ Blue Eyeshadow 

HANDS: SLink ~ Casual

KICKS: [1A] ~ Ground Control - moon boots (silver)

Christmas is a lot about being over the top, and it seems like Ugly Christmas Sweaters really celebrate all the garishness and gaudiness that the season seems to offer.  Daisy found these awesome ones from  [Phunk].  They come with a handy HUD, letting the wearer pick from several different designs.  I had so much fun working on this post with Daisy, who shot the pics, that I later edited into this awesome-sauce fruitcake of a photo spread, that there may even be a post Christmas Ugly Sweater post in the works! So be on the lookout for that, just in case you have not yet had your fill. 

 The ALICE PROJECT  Advent Calendar Gift hair that I am wearing in this post is a 2012 Advent gift.  Each hair from that collection comes with five special edition Christmas colors.  The red and green streaks pretty much have made these styles my go-to Christmas coiffures.  Excitingly, the 2012 Calendar is out again and all the styles can be purchased for a mere $50 L each!  Or, the entire 2012 advent collection can be purchased  for only $625 L.  

The Alice Project 2013 Advent Calendar is also out and each day features a new free hair that comes in five different colors, all with special edition Frosted periwinkle highlights. Members of the V.I.P. group can also pick up two additional versions of the hairstyles each day.  If you missed any of the styles so far, never fear; you can pick up the 2013 goodies for $50 L each.  

Happy shopping and holidays to all!

Friday, December 20, 2013

:: 22 :: PUSSY RIOT: Come & Taste Freedom With Us

BALACLAVAS: Asylum in Your Embassy!-  Pussy Riot Balaclavas- FREE!

T SHIRTS & TANKS: Asylum in Your Embassy!-Various Styles- FREE!

TATS: GrungeInk - Rythmia Tattoo- FROST EXCLUSIVE

TANK DRESS:  *MonCheri* ~ Ribbed Tank Dress [Zing]

TIGHTS: *Sheer* ~ Tights: Coloured

KICKS:  Razor ~ Regulator Combat  Boots - Dirty

     Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist punk band.  The group is essentially a collective, made up of anonymous women who perform their songs publicly.  The problem for these rockers is however, that their songs happen to be riddled with all the political, feminist, and socialist angst of a lot of classic punk rock, but are presented against the backdrop of contemporary Russia.  The group's songs, while not yet officially released, are collected together for download under the title, Kill the Sexist.  Their lyrics tell of their strong support of feminism and LGBTQ causes, as well as their distrust of President Vladimir Putin and the RussiaOrthodox Church.

     Complicating things further, their performances are "guerrilla art performances," which are basically D.I.Y. flash mobs that take place in varying high profile locations.   The performance locations typically have some significance relating to the the song being performed and are used to create controversy and garner attention, which in itself is a powerful means of sharing a message.  After the performances, the footage is then edited into music videos that accompany their songs, which are then released on the internet, and subsequently carries Pussy Riot's ideas even further. 

       The members of Pussy Riot conceal their identities during performances and interviews, by wearing bright, colorful balaclavas.  They also are adorned with dresses and tights that are just as equally vivid.  In a recent HBO Documentary entitled. "Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer," one of the members describes the deliberate choice of the bright colors in order to distinguish themselves from robbers as well as being a perfect compliment to the positivity behind their peaceful protests.  I'm not sure how long the link will be up, but at the time of publication the compelling documentary could be viewed here.

     Pussy Riot is reported to have formed in 2011, shortly after Vladimir Putin announced he would run for an unprecedented (some say "unconstitutional") third term of the presidency.  This controversial change of power sparked enormous protest and unease in Russia.  To offer some background information, at this point, Putin had already served as the Russian President for the maximum two terms, as dictated by the Russian Constitution.  He then stepped down; hand picked his successor, Dmitry Medvedev;  and then became the Prime Minister for the next six years.  Sounds legitimate so far. But then, as the new President's  term ended, Putin announced he would run again for a third term, citing the fact that the Russian Constitution restricts serving as President for more than two "consecutive" terms.  As far as my research yields, all of this, does seem to be constitutional, strictly based on the Russian Constitution.  But I can easily see how uneasy this tactic would make a great deal of people begin to question the integrity of their governing political system.  Some Russians, including members of Pussy Riot, believe that Putin has established himself as a de facto dictator.

     The Russian Constitution was written in 1994, three years after the dissolution of the U.S.S.R..  According to the constitution, Section 1: Article 44 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation states, "Everyone shall be guaranteed freedom of literary, artistic, scientific, intellectual and other types of creative activity and tuition."   Interestingly, in comparison, the U.S. Constitution delineates no specific protections for US artists, save the First Amendment. Found within the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment, essentially protects "free speech" which is just generally thought to include artistic endeavors, but these protections are not explicitly guaranteed . Granted, the First Amendment is indeed a workhorse, as far as Amendments go; protecting the rights of everyone from the KKK to the press; regardless of right or wrong, moral or unjust, everyone in the United States supposedly has the right to freedom of speech.

     On February 21, 2012, the group staged a performance at Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Savior.  The girls stormed the altar and performed their song, "Punk Prayer, Mother of God, Chase Putin Away."  They were seized by church security during the performance, and a mere 1:36 Seconds were recorded, later edited into a music video (found below), uploaded to the internet, and from there, Pussy Riot's notoriety grew and grew.  The location of the shoot, an important Russian Orthodox Church, according to several sources represented the relationship between church and state, with the Kremlin particularly being represented by Putin.   Also of symbolic significance, was that the girls were performing in a space that is exclusively restricted to men based on Orthodox precepts.  Soon after, three of the girls were arrested and their identities, which had been concealed by their balaclavas, were revealed to the world.  Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, or Nadia; Maria Alyokhina, or Masha, and Yekaterina Samutsevich, or Katia, were the three members arrested following the now famous performance.  According to some sources, two of the Pussy Riot members not arrested, have since fled the country, in the hopes of avoiding being sent to labor prisons as well.  Of the women arrested, Nadia and Masha also happen to be mothers of small children.  All three were charged with "hooliganism" and approximately six months after their apprehension a high profile trial occurred.   The prosecution also charged that Pussy Riot's now infamous performance, had been motivated by "religious hatred."  Pussy Riot denies these charges, however they were ultimately sentenced to serve two years in labor camps.  The women are adamant that they never intended to hurt religious practitioners, that they only wanted to present their ideas about women's role in the entanglement of the modern Russian church and state.

    Following their convictions on August of 17, 2012,  Katia, appealed and was released this past October, after serving a year and two months of her sentence.  She is reported to have began working for the release of her two band mates who remained incarcerated.  Nadia (who I can't be the only one who thinks looks like Lauren Cohen of the Walking Dead), went on a hunger strike in protest of mistreatment she said she was receiving in prison.  One abuse she reported was not being allowed to have water in her cell.  Soon thereafter the press reported her missing, causing further global attention to be paid to Pussy Riot.  Shortly afterwards, it was announced that Nadia had been moved to a Siberian prison. During this time great deal of worldwide support for the imprisoned girls grew into a "Free Pussy Riot" movement.  A number of celebrities were outspoken for the women's release, notably, Madonna, Tori Amos, and Courtney Love.  Human Rights organizations such as Amnesty international also became involved on behalf of the jailed women.

     Yesterday, the Kremlin passed a special Amnesty Bill in honor of Russia's twentieth anniversary of their constitution. The Bill will soon lead to the release of the remaining two women who are still imprisoned as well as some other political prisoners, including thirty jailed Greenpeace protesters. No one knows exactly when Nadia and Masha will be released, but I suspect it will be before the Russian Orthodox celebration of Christmas on January 7.  It is important to point out that the women pretty much served two years, once you include the time that they were jailed in the six months leading up to, as well as during their trial.  The Russian government releasing them now is  a too little, too late attempt to save face.  While, it is certainly good news that they are being released, the RIOT is undoubtedly far from over. For myself, I know as I say my prayers this Christmas season, I think I will likely utter a few lines from Pussy Riot's "Punk Prayer," asking the Holy Mother to please be a feminist.

This post was made under the influence of Absolut 100 mixed with Monster Java.  Additionally, the amazing vampire film, Nadja, which David Lynch was the Executive Producer of , kept me company while researching and writing this post.  The film is fantastic and is known for its cinematography, primarily the use of pixelvision.  Set during Christmastime, this film is a nice break from all the hokey Christmas cheese that seems to take over our televisions once we get this close to the coming Christmas shadow.  While it can be nice to curl up and watch Christmas classics with loved ones, I just start to feel like "all Christmas, all the time" starting immediately after Halloween (which is hands down, my all time favorite holiday) just gets kind of old, especially the closer we get the "big day."  Maybe I am just a Grinch, but come on, winter does not technically even begin until tomorrow.  I am always a little melancholy when saying goodbye to Autumn, but Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Now let's get on with our Pagan holidays!  One of the scariest things I heard while researching and writing this post was in the "Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer" documentary, for which there is a link to watch above (hopefully it still works).  In one scene a man representing the Russian Orthodox faith, who very much reminds me of a motorcycle redneck, Duck Dynasty looking dude, one might find here in the USA.   In the film, he calls one of the members of Pussy Riot, a witch, saying, "there have always been witches who wouldn't repent" and it appears he is speaking with a great deal of seriousness.  It's frightening to me, imagining the struggle that still lies ahead for these girls.  In some ways, freedom might hold even more danger in the days ahead, than the labor camps they will be leaving behind.  Perhaps some freedom loving country will offer them asylum, but I doubt it.  Women Revolutionaries who some call witches, would probably still be burned at the stake here in the USA too, let alone communist ones.  All hail capitalism here in the USA.  And lastly, this post was, of course, made under the influence of the following musical accompaniments: